Vagus Nerve Stimulators tVNS Stimulators
tVNS Stimulator - Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device

tVNS Stimulator - Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device

Rated 4.6 out of 5
4.6 out of 5 stars (based on 67 reviews)
  • An easy to use auricular Vagus Nerve Stimulator
  • Non-invasive, Safe and Comfortable to wear
  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation at Home
  • Rebalance your nervous system
  • Slow down the effects of aging


  • tVNS Stimulation Device
  • Sterling Silver Auricular (ear) Clip Electrodes
  • Conductive Paste for Comfort
  • USB Recharging Cable
  • tVNS Instructions

All contained in a pocket sized carry-case for your convenience. 45 Day Moneyback Guarantee


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tVNS Stimulator - Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device Reviews

Testimonials & reviews from just some of the thousands of happy customers successfully using tVNS 
It's a great product. Highly recomment it.
Worth every penny. Works Amazing
Jenny (UK)
I had gastroparesis, >12hrs to empty. I used it during the test intervals, and the result was about 3 hrs! SO I'll be using this little guy for the forseeable future.
Absolutely adore my tVNS - it's my little 15 minutes of heaven/day

Product Benefits

Improve Your Vagal Tone with this Pulsed Micro-currrent tVNS Stimulator.

Boost HRV

A key indicator of overall health, tVNS can boost heart rate variability times.

Windback Autonomic Clock

Nerve functions decline with age and can thus benefit from a boost

Calm Nerves

Rebalance an overactive sympathetic nervousness by activating the parasympathetic response.

Better Vagus Health

Naturally improve your bodies vagal tone through targetted micro-current stimulation to the ear.

Target Sleep Quality

Calm on the inside brings calm on the outside. Rest, digest and sleep better after stimulation.

Rest & Digest

The Gut-Brain Axis is bi-directional which  can be beneficial

tVNS at Home

No prescription required and follow the instructions for self-stimulation.

Improve Resilience

Stronger vagal tone is strongly correlated to wellbeing and mood improvements.

Product Features

Designed for Quick Effective Access to Safe Reliable mA Stimulation
Active tVNS

Simple to use

Using the blue joystick you can easily change the stimulation duration and intensity. 

Non-invasive Device

Designed to attach to the tragus region of the left ear the clip is not too tight and features gold plated electrodes.

Easy to understand

The digital display is clear and easy to read. The intensity level is shown and a coutdown timer showing how long is left for the session.

Complete Kit

Everything required for successful at-home stimulation is included with the device. tVNS Machine

What's Included in the Box

tVNS Device
Auricular Clip
Conductive Paste
Recharge Cable
Protective Case
Instruction Booklet

Product Video

See how easy it is to get started with the tVNS Stimulator in this short video

Delivery & Returns

Free Delivery

Free Delivery on this Product to : USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Bulgaria, Switzerland, 

45 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try this product in the comfort of your own home for 45 days. If you are not completely satisfied contact us for a full refund.

45 Day Money Back Guarantee


Please contact Us if your Question is Not Answered Here

How long should I stimulate for?

We recommend starting with 15 minutes per day, which can be split into three five minute sessions.

Does the tVNS Stimulator Require a Prescription to Purchase?

No, a prescription is not required to purchase the tVNS Stimulator. The tVNS is designed to rebalance your health and wellness and is not designed for the treatment of any particular illness or disease.

How do I recharge the stimulator?

Use the included USB charging cable connected to any USB power socket.
You can purchase a replacement charging cable here.

What is the "vaseline" for?

It looks a bit like vaseline but it's actually conductive paste. You put a little smudge on the gold electrodes of the clip before clipping the clip to your tragus.
The conductive paste greatly reduces the resistance between your skin and the electrical circuit.
The effect of using paste is to greatly reduce the sensation of the stimulation. In our tests users were able to stimulate at much higher levels without discomfort when using this conductive paste.

Rated 4.6 out of 5
4.6 out of 5 stars (based on 67 reviews)
Very good21%

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Rated 5 out of 5
January 31, 2023

I applied the paste to the electrodes of the cable and applied it to my ears and used it every day.

From one day an error (too strong resistance) came out and the output stopped increasing.

This may be the result of my not vigorously cleaning the electrodes of the cable.

I've washed it many times, but it doesn't irritate me as easily as before.

As a result of consulting with support, I was recommended to purchase a "cable" and purchased it.

I shaved the downy hair on my earlobes and cleaned the sebum with alcohol.

I tried it without the paste.

At first, the meter did not rise, but I moved the stick to the right several times to increase the output.

After that, when I was looking at the device for a short while, the output naturally increased and I felt a stimulus in my ears.

Little by little, the stimulation got stronger, so I pushed the stick once to the left and started to move with just the right amount of stimulation.

I need a little "trick" to use it.

However, I was correct to replace the cable with a new one.

Avatar for Hisako
Rated 5 out of 5
December 1, 2022

I purchased this device last week and it is a godsend! It's calming my nervous system, allowing me to sleep and takes away the nausea and fatigue due to dizzyness in the head. It also claims to help with depression and anxiety. I highly recommend this device.

Avatar for Nancy
Rated 5 out of 5
September 2, 2022

I had my VNS implant put in in maybe 5 ago. The amount of seizures I had started disappearing quickly.

At that that time, I had maybe 3 seizures a month. They quickly started to decline. Again, I am sorry I can’t give you any numbers. but getting this implant put in my body is so helpful.

I didn’t have one in July and I had one August. I feel like I did that to myself. I was the one who put pressure on my body. It wasn’t due to an action on to have it. That was my fault.

Avatar for Anonymous
Rated 5 out of 5
September 2, 2022

I had my VNS implant put in 5 years ago. I am so, so happy that I put the implant in my body.

After having that done, the amount of seizures that I had dropped quickly. When I had that done, if I remember correctly, I had maybe 3 seizures a month. I am sorry I can’t give you the numbers of how many seizures I loss so quickly. Now, I have around 1 seizure a month. Sometimes 0.

In July, I didn’t have any. I had one in August, but I believe I had it due to my action. I put pressure on myself. It was me myself that started it. I feel like it would not have happened if I was just sitting somewhere around realizing.

Avatar for Anonymous
Rated 4 out of 5
May 27, 2022

I've always had trouble sleeping. So when I read that vagus nerve stimulation may help it was something I was keen to try.

This stimulator is a small handheld device with a plasticky ear clip and an easy to read display. The articles I read said to stimulate the left tragus for 30 minutes before sleep so that is what I have been doing. It's a relaxing sensation and it does make me calmer before bed. But you have to sit still to do it, so that could also be a factor.

I have only used it once in the night to try and get back to sleep but was unsuccessful. I will keep trying though.

Avatar for Anon
Rated 4 out of 5
May 25, 2022

We have been using this vagus stimulator for a few weeks now. Purchased it to help with recovery from covid, which we both had earlier this year.

Really easy to use. Just put the clip on and press the blue button a couple of times.

Too soon to say how effective it is for long covid but I will update review at later date.

Avatar for Pearson
Rated 5 out of 5
May 21, 2022

I bought this vagus nerve stimulator as I have irregular heartbeats. My GP suggested I bought this device to try tVNS as an adjunct. It's easy to set up and use with or without your phone app, I'm using an android phone it works ok. I feel at ease using this as at least I will be able to do something. Great little piece of kit.

Avatar for DOS2006
Rated 5 out of 5
May 18, 2022

My machine arrived a few days ago and I’ve been using it everyday since then. It helps with my anxiety. It has a clear screen which is easy to see and good battery life. I have to shave my ear a bit to get the best connection but once I do it works well for a couple of weeks. Worth the effort for the relief.

Ps: this review is my own honest review and I have not received anything in exchange for it.

Avatar for Siobhan
Rated 5 out of 5
May 17, 2022

I use this in the morning to improve my concentration by silencing distractions. I use it at the end of the day to relax after work. I also occasionally use it if I can not get to sleep if my mind is busy. I also have a muse for meditation that measures brainwave activity. When I use the tVNS while meditating it helps calm my mind and makes a marked difference to my calm % in Muse.

Very pleased overall and would recommend.

Avatar for Anon
Rated 5 out of 5
May 16, 2022

So I initially had an issue with the clip but support contacted me back very promptly and we sorted the issue out. Great customer service and I'd happily recommend them

Avatar for Andreia
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