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tVNS Stimulator - Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device
(63 customer reviews)

tVNS Stimulator - Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device

  • An easy to use auricular Vagus Nerve Stimulator
  • Non-invasive, Safe and Comfortable to wear
  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation at Home
  • Rebalance your nervous system
  • Slow down the effects of aging


  • tVNS Stimulation Device
  • Gold-plated Auricular (ear) Clip Electrodes
  • Conductive Paste for Comfort
  • USB Recharging Cable
  • tVNS Instructions

All contained in a pocket sized carry-case for your convenience.

45 Day Moneyback Guarantee


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tVNS Stimulator - Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device Reviews

Testimonials & reviews from just some of the thousands of happy customers successfully using tVNS 
It's a great product. Highly recomment it.
Worth every penny. Works Amazing
Jenny (UK)
I had gastroparesis, >12hrs to empty. I used it during the test intervals, and the result was about 3 hrs! SO I'll be using this little guy for the forseeable future.
Absolutely adore my tVNS - it's my little 15 minutes of heaven/day

Product Benefits

Improve Your Vagal Tone with this Pulsed Micro-currrent tVNS Stimulator.

Boost HRV

A key indicator of overall health, tVNS can boost heart rate variability times.

Windback Autonomic Clock

Nerve functions decline with age and can thus benefit from a boost

Calm Nerves

Rebalance an overactive sympathetic nervousness by activating the parasympathetic response.

Better Vagus Health

Naturally improve your bodies vagal tone through targetted micro-current stimulation to the ear.

Target Sleep Quality

Calm on the inside brings calm on the outside. Rest, digest and sleep better after stimulation.

Rest & Digest

The Gut-Brain Axis is bi-directional which  can be beneficial

tVNS at Home

No prescription required and follow the instructions for self-stimulation.

Improve Resilience

Stronger vagal tone is strongly correlated to wellbeing and mood improvements.

Product Features

Designed for Quick Effective Access to Safe Reliable mA Stimulation
Active tVNS

Simple to use

Using the blue joystick you can easily change the stimulation duration and intensity. 

Non-invasive Device

Designed to attach to the tragus region of the left ear the clip is not too tight and features gold plated electrodes.

Easy to understand

The digital display is clear and easy to read. The intensity level is shown and a coutdown timer showing how long is left for the session.

Complete Kit

Everything required for successful at-home stimulation is included with the device. 

tVNS Stimulator

What's Included in the Box

tVNS Device
Auricular Clip
Conductive Paste
Recharge Cable
Protective Case
Instruction Booklet

Product Video

See how easy it is to get started with the tVNS Stimulator in this short video

Delivery & Returns

Free Delivery

Free Delivery on this Product to : USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Bulgaria, Switzerland, 

45 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try this product in the comfort of your own home for 45 days. If you are not completely satisfied contact us for a full refund.

45 Day Money Back Guarantee


Please contact Us if your Question is Not Answered Here

How long should I stimulate for?

We recommend 15 mins per day. This follows some of the latest research that aims for the ideal balance between time commitment and efficacy.

However, many studies have shown that longer periods of stimulation (45 mins) can in some circumstances be more beneficial to some people. If you feel you may benefit from longer daily stimulation, the simulator can be used in multiple consecutive sessions.

How do I recharge the stimulator?

Use the included USB charging cable connected to any USB power socket.

You can purchase a replacement charging cable here.

What are the known side-effects of tVNS?

Reported side-effects are minimal and include skin irritation or redness under the electrode.

Can I Wear a Hearing Aid When Using tVNS

You should remove your hearing aid before using tVNS. If you have an implanted hearing device then you should not use tVNS.

What is the "vaseline" for?

It looks a bit like vaseline but it's actually conductive paste. You put a little smudge on the gold electrodes of the clip before clipping the clip to your tragus.

The conductive paste greatly reduces the resistance between your skin and the electrical circuit.

The effect of using paste is to greatly reduce the sensation of the stimulation. In our tests users were able to stimulate at much higher levels without discomfort when using this conductive paste.

What's the difference between vagusnet and a TENS machine

There is actually a big difference. Most tens machines are voltage-controlled, while the vagusnet stimulator is a current-controlled device. We advice against the use of standard TENS machine in the stimulation of the vagus nerve. To learn why, read our blog post "Should you use a tENS Macgine for Vaugs Nerve stimulation" on the subject.

How long should I use tVNS for?

We recommend at least 15 minutes per day but this is just a minimum to see results.

Many studies use longer session durations and you can now increase the session length up to 60 minutes.

Product Reviews

4.56 out of 5 stars

63 reviews

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What others are saying

  1. Best device


    Do You Feel Better After Stimulation? Yes

    Easy to Use? Yes, easy to operate

    Excellent! I bought a tens unit moths ago, and it was not nearly this good. I used this product once and all the tension I feel is gone. Do yourself a favor and get this unit. You will not regret it.

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  2. So relaxing....


    Do You Feel Better After Stimulation? Yes

    Easy to Use? Yes, easy to operate

    I have a long standing stress issue which I regularly see people for. During the coronavirus lockdown I have had the stress return - annoyingly because I can’t see anybody due to social distancing rules.

    I am very pleased with this device. As well as being very relaxing it seems to have done the trick and lowered my stress levels.

    I was a little reluctant to buy this at first because it’s not cheap. However in the long run this will save me money which I would have otherwise spent on treatments.

    So in summary for me certainly a very good purchase. If you want a device you could probably find something cheaper but this comes in a nice carry case and you get what you pay for.

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  3. Wow - It Works!


    Do You Feel Better After Stimulation? Yes

    Easy to Use? Yes, easy to operate

    I was sceptical about this, but was in such a lot of stress with my sleeping, I thought I had nothing to lose by trying it. I was not disappointed and I won't be returning it. I was using it within minutes of receiving it and the relief was almost instant. The price of this product was well worth it for me as it was expensive but gives such great relief with my sleep. The only way I can think of to describe the feeling it was giving me was that it felt like one of those massage chairs that you find all over the place. The electronic pulses are so effective, that it really does feel like someone is giving you a sort of massage. Highly recommended, even if you are sleeping, the feeling is so relaxing.

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  4. Excellent device and excellent support


    Do You Feel Better After Stimulation? Yes

    Easy to Use? Yes, easy to operate

    I was quite a rookie in the tVNS topic, but got to know it more when my loved one got a severe autonomic dysfunction. I came across many options, and have found that many options on the market are just overpriced TENS machines with an earclip.

    This device was different. It is built specifically for the tVNS purposes, delivers state of the art technology, is safe and very easy to use.

    I've managed to help my loved one with an autonomic dysfunction, who is already showing improvements and really enjoy using the device myself - it helps me to relax, sleep much better (I've had multiple awakenings overnight before) and improved my HRV.

    The last, but not the least thing to mention, is the support team. The support team is the most friendly, qualified, helpful and professional I've ever encountered. Answered all my questions readily, helped me really a lot on every step of my customer journey.

    I readily recommend this device and this company, you will not regret.

    Wishing all the best to the Vagus.Net Team!

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  5. had some doubts


    I was very dubious about this and tbh I still am. Do you really need a stimulator for your vagus nerve? There are so many natural ways to stimulate. But in its favour, it's a well made device and fits well with my daily meditation session. I measured my blood pressure before and after a stim session (as they suggest in one of their blog posts) and there was a definite shift down; which is a good sign as it means it’s clearly having an effect. Customer service were helpful, although it took them over a day to respond. Soooo, although I probably don’t need it, I quite enjoy using it. Would recommend.

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