Vagus Nerve Stimulators tVNS Stimulators

New Vagal Tones via Mobile App

With our all latest App update you can access a wide range of stimulation protocols with ease. Go beyond the basic Vagal Tone program and explore the many healing functions of the Vagus Nerve. 

Install the App and Get Started with New tVNS Programs Now!

New Stimulation Possibilities

Our tVNS Stimulator is programmed with a general purpose protocol providing a gentle Vagal Tone Up. Using the accompanying app it is possible to update the device with different stimulation protocols. Some of these protocols have been designed by 3rd party research.


This program is designed to gently stimulate the Vagus nerve and improve your Vagal tone. 


If you have a problem digesting food then try our Best 2 Digest program.
Designed to encourage the digestive system and increase movement speed.

Design Your Own

Create your own tVNS protocol and share it with others. Research Edition owners can create their own stimulation protocols and submit them to our app store. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the app work with my existing device?

Turn your device on and look at the little letter above the Man in the Box icon. If it is "p" your device is compatible.
Letters below "h" are not compatible, and we are working on a soution for devices inbetween h and p.

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