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"I absolutely love my stimulator. 15 minutes of heaven a day"
Jane M.
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tVNS Stimulator
A Vagus Nerve Stimulator That You Simply Clip To Your Left Ear.


(31 customer reviews)
Family Pack
Get 3 Extra Ear Clips & Pastes So That Your Family Can Hygienically Share a Single tVNS Stimulator.


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tVNS Stimulator Charging Cable
tVNS Charging Cable
USB to 2.5mm Charging Cable for VagusNet tVNS Stimulator


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PsychoGEL Paste
PsychoGEL Paste 114g
114g Pot of PsychoGEL Conductive Paste


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Ready to start tVNS
tVNS Research Edition
tVNS Research Edition Stimulator with Full Paramater Control via Mobile App or Wireless API.


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tVNS Stimulator
Refurbished tVNS Stimulator
Factory Refurbished tVNS Stimulator


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