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Vagus Nerve Stimulation Ear Clip wth Sterling Silver Electrodes

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Safe for even the most sensitive skin

Precious Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a precious metal prized for it’s superior qualities.  For centuries Kings and Queens have adorned themselves with the finest silver jewelery. Now that silver luxury is available for your vagus nerve stimulation.

Dual sterling silver electrodes in a comfortable tragus ear clip. Silver service for those who demand the best.

Sterling Silver Vagus Stimulation Electrodes

Silver is the best possible electrical conductor

Maximum  Conductivity 

Electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve involveves passing an electrical current back and forth between two electrodes. Silver is the best known conductor of electrical current. It has the lowest resistivity of any element at 0.000000016 Ωm

Making silver the perfect choice for the best electrodes in the world.

All new cable and jack

Medical Grade Quality

Based on customer feedback this product features an improved medical grade cable  and a sturdier jack. It is compatible with all existing devices.

Upgrade your stimulation experience to silver today.

What metal are the stimulation electrodes made from?

The vagus nerve stimulation electrodes in this premium tragus clip are made from sterling silver.

Will this vagus nerve stimulator clip work with my tENS?

No, probably not. This superior silver electrodes clip is designed for the tVNS Stimulator and Research Edition devices.

Why use precious sterling silver for stimulator electrodes?

Silver is the most conductive element known to mankind and as a precious metal is safe for even those with the most sensitive of skin.

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