tVNS Stimulator

by VagusNet
(13 customer reviews)

An all new transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulator (tVNS) Device that clips to your ear for simple daily Vagus Nerve Stimulation.

$598.80 $358.80

Limited Time, Introductory Offer.
  • An easy to use auricular Vagus Nerve Stimulator
  • Safe and Comfortable to wear
  • 15 minutes per day of Stimulation
  • Rebalance your nervous system
  • Slow down the effects of aging
  • tVNS Stimulator Device
  • Gold-plated Auricular (ear) Clip
  • Conductive Paste for Comfort
  • USB Recharging Cable
  • Instructions for Usage


All contained in a pocket sized carry-case for your convenience.

30 Day Moneyback Guarantee


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Affordable At-Home transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation

An easy-to-use auricular tVNS stimulator kit. Setup in just three steps and follow the on-screen instructions to get your vagus nerve stimulated. With unique conductive paste for the gold plated ear clip electrodes the stimulation sensation is lowered to a tickle. Vagus Nerve Stimulation has never been so simple, effective or affordable. 

With a 30 day money-back offer there has never been a better time to try incoporating Vagus Nerve Stimulation into your wellness routine.

tVNS VagusNet

Feel 10 Years Younger

The vagus nerve projects from your brain to all your major organs. It plays a primary role in the control and regulation of a range of unconscious bodily functions, such as heart rate, digestion, sleep and immune response.

Decline in the activity of the nerve, particularly as we age, is linked to many minor health issues, such as mood changes, disruption of sleep patterns, problems with digestion and immune system strength, and reduced capacity for exercise.

Daily stimulation of the vagus nerve using micro electrical pulses has been shown to have a positive effect on health and wellbeing. 

Scientifically Proven

Recent studies have shown that directly stimulating the nerve via one of its branches in the ear, can help increase vagal tone (the level of activity in the nerve) and slow the onset of age related changes, helping to maintain quality of life and promote healthy ageing.

The vagus nerve emerges from the base of the brain and branches up into the ear (the auricular branch) and down along the neck into the rest of the body, connecting to the major organs.

The auricular branch of the nerve can be targeted at the tragus of the ear; it presents an ideal location to stimulate the nerve.

tVNS Stimulator

Start A Good Habit

Independent publicly funded research conducted at two leading UK Universities in 2019 found that just 15minutes of vagal nerve stimulation per day can greatly improve the health and well being of all individuals in the general population, with the most dramatic improvements shown in the over 55s.

The two teams of scientists, from the Biomedical Sciences and the Life Sciences departments of Leeds and Glasgow Universities, were funded by the Dunhil Medical Trust, a charitable (not for profit) research organisation which has a particular focus on healthy aging.

The researchers found that participants experienced benefits after just two weeks of continuous daily administration of tVNS to the tragus of the ear. The most significant improvements were seen in those who began with the weakest vagal tone (a measure of the health of the vagus nerve) and suffered more from the related symptoms such as tension, depression, low energy and poor quality of sleep.

Simple to Use

Connect Charger or Electrodes
Re-Charge Stimulator

Reharge from any powered USB outlet e.g. phone charger, power bank, car.

Clip Electrodes to Tragus
Connect Auricular Electrode

Apply some paste to the electrodes and then clip to the tragus of the left ear.

Hooking the wire around the ear lobe helps keep the clip in place.

Press to turn ON
Press to Power ON

To turn the device on press the blue button. You will see a welcome screen and then the timer icon.

Press the blue button again to start the 15 mintes timed session.

Micropulses of Electrical Stimulation

Electrical Pulses

Controlled Current Stimulation

When you start your daily tVNS stimulation session the electrical current is slowly increased. You may feel a small tickle and can use the blue joystick to increase or lower the level for comfort.

The electrical pulses pass through the Vagus nerve ear innervation.

It’s actually a pretty solid device. it’s actually clear and easy to read. The device is very small, but it does come in a neat little case, so easy to carry on trips.Seems to work well. Can’t say how effective it is yet as I’ve only used it a few days. But very happy with it so far.

M. Johnson
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Product Specifications

VaguNet tVNS Stimulator

tVNS Stimulation

Controlled current electrical pulse generator. 25Hz frequency. 50ms biphasic square wave. 2mA max current, 35V max voltage.


Internal 3.7V recharagable battery with USB-A recharging cable. 5 day battery life normal usage.

Ear Clip

Transcutaneous auricular clip. Medical grade gold plated electrodes for comfort.


15 minute fixed session timer with ramp up and ramp-off comfort control

Stimulator Device

65mm x 25mm, 75g weight. 5 way joystick control. OLED display. 2 year warranty.

Simple Control

Press start and then control stimulation intensity level using left or right.

Product FAQs

Use the included USB charging cable connected to any USB power socket.

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No, a prescription is not required to purchase the tVNS Stimulator. The tVNS is designed to rebalance your health and wellness and is not designed for the treatment of any particular illness or disease.

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It looks a bit like vaseline but it’s actually conductive paste. You put a little smudge on the gold electrodes of the clip before clipping the clip to your tragus.

The conductive paste greatly reduces the resistance between your skin and the electrical circuit.

The effect of using paste is to greatly reduce the sensation of the stimulation. In our tests users were able to stimulate at much higher levels without discomfort when using this conductive paste.


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Customer Reviews

(13 customer reviews)

13 reviews for tVNS Stimulator

  1. Susan Brown

    I’ve been testing this product for two weeks after seeing an advert on facebook. At first I was sceptical and hesitated to use it when it first arrived. But since I started following the daily 15 minute routine I do feel better.

  2. Malcolm Johnson

    It’s actually a pretty solid device. I was a little unsure about the screen from the photos, but it’s actually clear and easy to read. The device is very small, maybe a little smaller than I would have wanted, but it does come in a neat little case, so easy to carry on trips.

    Seems to work well and is certainly cheaper than all the alternatives I found. Can’t say how effective it is yet as I’ve only used it a few days. But very happy with it so far.

  3. Hannah Stanza

    This is a very nice product. I find it very relaxing to do it for 15 minutes in the evening. I have measured my blood pressure before and after sessions and it definitely reduces my blood pressure for some time. I don’t know if the effects will be longer lasting. Maybe I will write another review in a couple of weeks.

    It is very easy to use, very intuitive. I found the stimulation a little strange in the beginning, but now that I am used to it, I barely notice it.

  4. Brendon H.

    You would have got five stars if it buzzed when the 15mins was over. I usually close my eyes and lie down and listen to some meditation music. Sometimes I drift off and don’t realise when the session is over. At the moment I’m setting a timer on my phone, but would be better if I didn’t have to.

  5. Jason Rufus

    Great product! Great price! Very happy with it! I’ve been reading about vagus nerve stimulation for a while, but there were never any affordable products. This is the first affordable one I’ve found. Works great! Thanks! The paste tubs are a bit small though!

    Word of advice to other users, vagus nerve health is about a whole way of life, don’t expect miracles, and don’t rely on just a stimulator. It helps but there are lots of other things about your life you should change. Educate yourself. Knowledge is ancient and eternal. The science is just catching up!

  6. Martine N.

    I have been using this stimulator for 14 days now. At first it made me quite emotional but I don’t experience that now. I feel more relaxed after the stimulaion has finished on most days.
    Some days the sensation is a more uncomfortable than others but I don’t know why?

  7. Eduard S.

    This is a good vagus nerve stimulator that I find effective for indigestion. I usually do two or three sessions after eating. It’s simple enough to clip on and forget until the food has digested. I would recommmend this product.

  8. Samantha

    Beautifully neat looking little device. Figured out how to use it in five minutes. l used it twice and actually managed to fall asleep quickly for the first time in weeks.
    So far so good and hopefully this will give me some improvement finally!!
    l hope this review helps someone….good luck

  9. Dorothy Pritchard

    So glad I went for this – after looking around for devices, I thought I’d chance this one. For such a compact machine it is really strong. I love that you can charge it via usb and don’t have to keep buying batteries and there is no separate charger. I just plug it into my laptop most of the time. It comes with a neat pouch to hold everything – I am happy to recommend this product.

  10. Jamster

    Quite powerful stimulator and easy to clean. Can’t see any reason to spend more than this on one. Only downside is the battery life seems somewhat short, would say 5 days maximum before it starts to complain. The free facemask was a nice gesture in the circumstances.

  11. Zak C.

    I have a lot of interest in vagus nerve stimulation. I’ve read lots about it so they didn’t need to sell me on the benefits. The product is pretty good, but it’s by no means perfect. Here’s my take on pro and cons

    – Price – you can’t beat this. Look around.
    – Quality for the price outstanding. I’ve bought another vagus stimulator for over twice the price and I would say this is a better quality build. No kidding!
    – Sleek and small — it’s nicely designed. Really compact, with a nice neat compact case.
    – Easy interface – very easy to follow the instructions and get started.
    – USB charging, which can be done with any standard charger.

    – Single joystick – You kinda get used to it, but I would have preferred more buttons for settings. I guess it’s the price you pay for a small device. But for example it means you have to start it before you decide on the intensity level. It remembers the level from the previous session, which is good, but on some days I feel it’s too high and then I’m having to lower it mid-session. I’m glad it ramps up gradually, so you have time to adjust!
    – Only 15mins per session — ok, I get that this is their recommended amount, but I use it more and to do this, I have to start another session. Alright, not the end of the world, but still..
    – Battery life is not great if like me, you are using it for multiple sessions a day. You get a couple of days and then you have to recharge.

    Overall though, it’s well worth the money. I just hope it lasts.

  12. Tony

    Hated it. Sent back.

  13. Mrs Edwards

    It’s a nice professionally packaged kit and arrived quickly. Build quality seems good and display is clear and easy to read. The ear check thing can sometimes be irksome and there is not a lot of paste included. But once you get past the setup the 15 minute sessions feel noticably relaxing.
    Doesn’t include a wall charger, only the USB charging cable.

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