Vagus Nerve Stimulators tVNS Stimulators


How to Use Your tVNS Stimulator

We’ve worked hard to make your tVNS Stimulator as easy and intuitive as possible to use. So you should have no problems if you follow the on-screen instructions. 

Connect Charger or Electrodes
Connect Electrode
Clip Electrodes to Tragus
Paste + Clip + Ear
Press to turn ON
Press to Turn On. Press to Start
tVNS Kit

More Detail

Read these simple steps to undertsnad the function of your device.
tVNS Kit

Charge the battery

Using the supplied USB charging cable, connect the stimulator to a powered USB socket.
turn tVNS On

Press to Turn On

Press the blue 5 way joystick to turn on the stimulator.
insert jack

Insert the Ear Clip jack to the stimulator

Disconnect the charging cable and connect the ear clip jack.
VagusNet Conductive Paste

Apply Paste to Electrodes

Apply a smudge of paste to both electrodes in the ear clip. The paste reduces the electrical resistance of the skin and makes the stimulation more comfortable.
Tragus Auricular tVNS Stimulation

Clip to Your Left Ear

Ensure a nice deep connection on the tragus region of your left ear. It helps to take the cable up, over and behind your ear for support.

Depending on the size of your ear you may need to use a mirror to find a stable fit.
tVNS Stimulation

Press the blue button to start

When you are ready to start the 15 minute session, press the blue button to start.

You will see the timer start to count down and you may feel a tingling on your ear.

Tip: If you need to adjust the ear clip, press the blue button to pause the session to avoid spiking
Active tVNS

Find Your Comfort Level using left and right

Use Right  to increase the intensity level.

Use Left to decrease the intensity level.
Pause tVNS Stimulation

Pause a Session

You can pause the session by pressing the blue button. The recommended stimulation per day is 15 minutes but this can be split up across a few separate stimulation sessions. 

Pause a session by pressing the blue button.

Turn Off Automatically

There is no OFF button. 
The device will automatically turn off after 45 seconds of inactivity.

Care & Maintenance

Clean the clip and other device maintenance tips.
Cleaning the Clip
You can clean the ear clip using a damp cloth to gently remove any build-up.
Resetting Time & Counter
When you pause the timer, the stimulator keeps track of the remaining time to complete a 15 minute session. This allows you to break up your daily stimulation into smaller chunks.
The device also tracks the total number of 15 minute sessions completed.
To reset these counters, turn the device on, then: press and hold the blue button for 6 seconds.
Cleaning the Clip
Recharge the internal battery using the supplied USB charging cable. Connect the 2.5mm jack to the device and the USB A to a suitable 5V power supply.
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