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Noninvasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation vs. Invasive
Did you know that stress, anxiety, and depression increased by approximately 25% globally once the pandemic hit? Social distancing, health concerns, and work changes have negatively affected many people's mental health. Have you heard of the vagus nerve? This critical cranial nerve plays an essential role in stress management. Noninvasive vagus nerve stimulation devices show promising effects on […]
Everything You Need to Know About Activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System
Sometimes the cause of stress is psychological, such as persistent fear of a family issue, financial problems, meeting deadlines, fear of losing your job, etc. Anxiety can also be triggered by your surroundings, such as trying to be efficient and get your work done fast during a busy workday. High levels of anxiety, regardless of […]
Vagus Nerve and Inflammation
Inflammation and Chronic Illness For the past three decades there is growing scientific evidence that prolonged inflammation is the source of many chronic illnesses. Many researchers also believe that most age related illnesses and health issues can be linked to high levels of pro-inflammatory markers in the blood. Chronic inflammation is a strong predictor of […]
Symptoms of Vagus Nerve Damage
In previous posts we described the functions of the vagus nerve, how to care for it, how to stimulate and how it might get damaged. In this post we look in a bit more detail at some of the symptoms of vagus nerve damage and dysfunction.  If you haven’t already done so, you can take […]
Vagus Nerve Damage
In our posts so far we’ve tackled the functions of the vagus nerve, how to stimulate it and its anatomy. We also have a vagal tone calculator which will give you some idea of how healthy your vagus nerve is and the problems that can develop when you have low vagal tone.  But how do […]
The Vagus Nerve and Its Role in Healthy Living
If you’ve just heard of the vagus nerve and you’re wondering what it is and why people are talking so much about it, you’ve come to the right place. This article will give you an overview of what the vagus nerve is and why it is considered so important to health and well being.  Recent […]
Covid19 infection further linked to vagus nerve damage
Scientists published last month in Elsevier Journal of Public Health findings that further linked symptoms of vagal nerve neuropathy to damage resulting directly from covid infection.  Some symptoms such as difficulty swallowing had been previously thought to be more likely triggered by a period of intubation. But this study found that such symptoms also typically […]
Invasive and Non-invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation Work in the Same Way
In previous posts we’ve pointed out that there is some evidence that the brain and body response to invasive and non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation appears to be very similar. Now scientists from Israel have added further evidence to support this idea. In a pre-print version of the paper published in the online biology research archive […]
The Amazing Ear - why auricular vagus nerve stimulation?
From Surgery to Skin If you are on our website, you will very likely have heard something of the vagus nerve and how important it is to general health and well being. If you haven’t, you can look through our site or read some of our older blog posts to learn more about it. Similarly, […]
Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune system
Immune System Health Your best defence against illness is not modern medicine, doctors or hospital treatment, it’s your own body’s immune system; take care of it and you will give yourself the best chance of remaining fit, healthy and illness free. But how do you take care of your immune system? Well, it’s difficult to […]
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