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8 Benefits of Vagal Stimulation
Did you know that your body contains its own superpower that can help lower high stress? It’s called the vagus nerve system, and it’s a major part of how your body and brain function. Without the vagus nerve, you wouldn’t be able to do basic tasks. Through vagal stimulation, also known as “self-hugging,” you can experience […]
What Does a tVNS Device Do?
The non-profit Mental Health America shows the United States is in the midst of a mental health crisis. Over 50 million U.S. adults have a mental illness. 24.7% of adults report an unmet need for treatment. And, over 50% of adults with mental illnesses are not receiving any treatment at all. Barriers to mental health care include […]
The Relationship Between Your Vagal Tone and Mental Health
Your body contains 12 cranial nerves. These nerves are responsible for sending messages from your brain to other parts of your body for a variety of purposes. Some of these 12 cranial nerves send and receive sensory messages about sensory function. Others of these cranial nerves send messages about motor functions like the control of certain […]
新年快乐 - Happy New Lunar Year!
Happy Lunar New Year to all our Chinese friends. 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger
Music, Relaxation, and the Vagus Nerve: Learning to De-stress and Sleep Better
Have you ever felt so stressed out that coming down from that tense state becomes difficult? Our body is naturally equipped to understand when to stay alert and ready to fight, and when to tone it down and become calm.  However, too much stress can make it hard for our bodies to cope and change […]
Symptoms of Vagus Nerve Damage
In previous posts we described the functions of the vagus nerve, how to care for it, how to stimulate and how it might get damaged. In this post we look in a bit more detail at some of the symptoms of vagus nerve damage and dysfunction.  If you haven’t already done so, you can take […]
Vagus Nerve Damage
In our posts so far we’ve tackled the functions of the vagus nerve, how to stimulate it and its anatomy. We also have a vagal tone calculator which will give you some idea of how healthy your vagus nerve is and the problems that can develop when you have low vagal tone.  But how do […]
How to Stimulate and Strengthen Your Vagus Nerve
The key phrase here is: “Use it or lose it”.  Many of the following ways of stimulating the vagus nerve do so by activating regions of the body that are controlled or innervated by the vagus. Like everything in your body, the way to keep your vagus nerve healthy and strong is to make sure […]
Covid19 infection further linked to vagus nerve damage
Scientists published last month in Elsevier Journal of Public Health findings that further linked symptoms of vagal nerve neuropathy to damage resulting directly from covid infection.  Some symptoms such as difficulty swallowing had been previously thought to be more likely triggered by a period of intubation. But this study found that such symptoms also typically […]
Should you use a TENS machine for auricular stimulation of the vagus nerve?
This is a question that we are increasingly asked by existing and potential customers. In most cases, the answer to this question is unfortunately: no, you should not use a TENS machine for vagus nerve stimulation. It’s possible to use one, but we strongly recommend against it. At best, most TENS machines will be inconsistent, […]
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