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Research Edition tVNS

Research Edition tVNS Stimulator

Using tENS for tVNS is equialent to testing medicine with unknown dosage.

tVNS Research App

App Controlled

Total control of the tVNS Stimulation parameters using the app.

Can also be controled via API

tVNS App on AppStore

3 Steps To Launch Your Tone

The Research Edition Stimulator allows you to create a protocol, test it with your patients or recruits and publish it for Purchase on our App Platform
Square Wave Protocol

Create Your Tone

The Research Edition Stimulator lets you create your custom stimulation protocol parameters. 

Test With Community

Your Tone can be installed to regular devices allowing you to easily increase your controlled study size.
Create an open research project to involve the community or keep it private.
Test Stimulation ProtocolsVagus Nerve App Network

Publish On the Largest Vagus Network

Set a subscription price for your Vagus Nerve Stimulation protocol and publish it on
People can now run your custom protocol on their regular Stimulator.
App Availabiliy
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