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The Most Important Nerve In Your Body

Responsible for controlling involuntary bodily functions, such as the heart beating and so much more

Vagus Nerve Innervations

Help For the Nerve That Helps You

Nerves are your body’s sensing and control system. They are formed from long chains of neurons, the same cells that make up your brain. Some nerves pass down your spinal column, but others exit the brain directly into parts of the body; these are called cranial nerves, of which your vagus nerve is the longest and most complex.

The vagus nerve is part of the braking system -- the parasympathetic branch. It attempts to slow your body down and promote relaxation and healing.

More about the Vagus Nerve
Vagus Nerve Stimulator

Understand Vagal Tone & Functions

Vagal tone refers to the health and activity of the vagus nerve.

Decline in the activity of the nerve, particularly as we age, is linked to many minor health issues, such as mood changes, disruption of sleep patterns, problems with digestion and immune system strength, and reduced capacity for exercise.

Vagal tone can be improved using a range of techniques such as meditation, massages and mindfulness as well as good eating and exercise regimes. But recent studies have found a new method.

Vagal Tone Exercises

Non-invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Daily micro elecrtical stimulation of the Vagus Nerve via the Ear

Scientists and medics are increasingly recommending the use of vagal nerve stimulation as a path to healthier ageing.

Daily stimulation of the vagus nerve using micro electrical pulses has been shown to have a positive effect on health and wellbeing.

Stimulation in more detail
Vagus Nerve App Network

Benefits of Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Why are people using non-invasive devices to stimulate their vagus nerve at home?

Monitor H.R.V. Changes

Heart Rate Variability is a great indicator of vagal tone.

Windback Autonomic Clock

Nerve functions decline with age and can thus benefit from a boost

Vagal Blood Pressure

The vagus nerve plays an important role in the regulation of blood-flow.

Improve Vagal Tone

Your vagal tone is not fixed and can be improved with endeavour

Target Sleep Quality

Us the "bodies hand-brake" to sleep better at the end of a day.

Rest & Digest

The Gut-Brain Axis is bi-directional which  can be beneficial

Non-invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation

tVNS can fit into your daily routine with just 15 minutes of daily stimulation

At Home Stimulation

At home vagus nerve stimulation is now possible thanks to this pocket-size transcutanous device

Transcutaneous VNS

Previous generation stimulators were surgically implanted but now the same technology is available through the skin.

Auricular Clip

The dual electrode ear clip passes micro-current stimulation through the tragus only. Accurately targeting the nerve.

15 minutes of tVNS

15 Minutes Per Day

15 minutes of daily vagal stimulation was shown to restore autonomic function in a landmark UK study.

Easy to Operate

With a clear display and simple operation you simply select a duration and then set a comfortable inensity. And then relax!

Not tENS! tVNS Stimulator is not a tENS because tENS was not designed for safe stimuation of the Vagus Nerve.

Vagus Nerve Stimulator Device

Best Selling Products

All our stimulators feature current control and adjustable duration. 
The Research Edition has additional granular control of stimulation parameters.

Vagus Nerve App

Control your stimulator from  your Android phone. iPhone app coming soon
Start, stop and track sessions
Load new Tones to try on your device
Guided sessions - coming soon!
Vagus Nerve App
Vagus Nerve App

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Reviews

Testimonials & reviews from just some of the thousands of happy customers successfully using tVNS 
WOW! I have 251 uses with the stimulator without any issues. Thanks so much as this device has been very helpful.
I had gastroparesis, >12hrs to empty. I used it during the test intervals, and the result was about 3 hrs! SO I'll be using this little guy for the forseeable future.
Absolutely adore my tVNS - it's my little 15 minutes of heaven/day

Vagal Tone Test

Worried about your Vagal Tone? Try our Vagus Nerve Calculator to get an instant evaluation of your Autonomic Nervous Health and Vagal Tone.
Online Vagal Tone Test


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How long should I stimulate for?

We recommend 15 mins per day. This follows some of the latest research that aims for the ideal balance between time commitment and efficacy.
However, many studies have shown that longer periods of stimulation (45 mins) can in some circumstances be more beneficial to some people. If you feel you may benefit from longer daily stimulation, the simulator can be used in multiple consecutive sessions.

Is tVNS Painful?

No, tVNS does not have to be painful. You are in control of the stimulation level and should set it to a comfortable level.
Most people describe the sensation as like a tingling or prickle sensation. It is usually more noticable at the start of the session and then fades away.

What's the difference between vagusnet and a TENS machine?

There is actually a big difference. Most tens machines are voltage-controlled, while the vagusnet stimulator is a current-controlled device. We advice against the use of standard TENS machine in the stimulation of the vagus nerve. To learn why, read our blog post "Should you use a tENS Macgine for Vaugs Nerve stimulation" on the subject.

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