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How long should I stimulate for?

We recommend 15 mins per day. This follows some of the latest research that aims for the ideal balance between time commitment and efficacy.
However, many studies have shown that longer periods of stimulation (45 mins) can in some circumstances be more beneficial to some people. If you feel you may benefit from longer daily stimulation, the simulator can be used in multiple consecutive sessions.

Is tVNS Painful?

No, tVNS does not have to be painful. You are in control of the stimulation level and should set it to a comfortable level.
Most people describe the sensation as like a tingling or prickle sensation. It is usually more noticable at the start of the session and then fades away.

What’s the difference between vagusnet and a TENS machine?

There is actually a big difference. Most tens machines are voltage-controlled, while the vagusnet stimulator is a current-controlled device. We advice against the use of standard TENS machine in the stimulation of the vagus nerve. To learn why, read our blog post “Should you use a tENS Macgine for Vaugs Nerve stimulation” on the subject.
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