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  1. Comes in pretty recycled cardboard box. Quite nice looking. Small and easy to handle. Stimulation is quite strong. I quite like it, but can’t say how much healthier I feel. I sleep a bit better.

  2. Comes in small case, easy to throw in the in a bag - if like me you travel a lot. Charges off your laptop too. The clip is a bit fiddly, I hope they improve it. It's alright if you're sitting still or lying down, but if you're moving around it can fall off. You have to hook it over your ear. Otherwise easy to use.

  3. I went for this after reading that TENS shouldn’t be used for vagus nerve stimulation, it can be unsafe and less effective. I definitely think this stimulator works very well, better than the TENS machines I have tried. The feeling isn't that different, but you have to fiddle with it less, it sort of adjusts itself. I read you can damage your nervous system balance by wrongly using regular tens machines which aren't designed for the vagus nerve. I'm not sure, but I feel a bit safer with this. Good customer service too.

  4. It’s such a strange feeling. Sort of prickly, and although I actually like the sensation, I turn it down till it’s barely noticeable as per instructions. It really helps me unwind at the end of the day, it’s my fifteen mins of my time.

    The customer service people were very helpful and answered all my questions. Arrived quickly in nice packaging. Good looking well made device. So far, I’m very happy!

  5. It’s a well made device and does what it says, but I found it a bit too uncomfortable. I’ve read lots about the vagus nerve and I really wanted to try tVNS, but just not for me. Maybe others will find it works.

    I would happily recommend the company though, people on customer service were very helpful. I returned it for a refund.

  6. After some initial problems, I’ve finally worked out how to use this. It’s worth reading their ten tips email. At first, I wasn’t really feeling anything and the dial wouldn’t go up. But when I was more careful, it worked well.

    You have to hook the wire over your ear as well, otherwise it slips off. I’m finding it helpful and easy to use now. It seems like a good, well made product. I think it will help.

    4 stars because I think they could make it easier to get going.

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  8. GinaD says:
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    Gosh this is so good, I’m really happy to write a review, which I don’t normally do. I was having all sorts of indigestion problems. They’ve been gradually getting worse over a few months. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn't concentrate. I didn’t want to go on drugs like my doctor suggested, so when a friend recommended vagus nerve stimulation, I thought I would try it.

    It just feels like a mild prickle. Sometimes I don’t feel anything at all. But its so helped me get back to normal. The calming effect was quite quick and I took up meditating in the evening while having my 15mins. After a month or so, I’m sleeping and eating like normal. Thank you so much! Would highly recommend!

  9. I’d highly recommend this product after it was recommended to me by a friend. I’ve been having an increasing array of minor health issues. Concentration, low energy levels, hot flushes, not being able to unwind at the end of the day. Initially I just thought it was just because as a woman I was getting to that age. Until a friend recommended vagal nerve therapy. I tried meditation and humming and singing and those all help. I thought I would try this as well and I think it really makes a nice complement to all the other remedies I’ve tried. The shift isn’t dramatics, as some people have said, but I really do think it’s helping. It never ceases to amaze me how delicately balanced our bodies are. I just feel that little bit better and it’s making all the difference to my life. I really hope others find this helps them too.

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