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When will the new App be available?
Out now for Android. Apple due soon.
What is the difference between tVNS and VNS?
The "t" stands for transcutaneous meaning through the skin and this is the key difference. VNS devices are implanted inside the body whereas tVNS devices are not, because they operate through the skin.
What is the "vaseline" for?
It looks a bit like vaseline but it's actually conductive paste. You put a little smudge on the gold electrodes of the clip before clipping the clip to your tragus and it reduces the resistance.
What's the difference between vagusnet and a TENS machine?
Tens machines are voltage-controlled, while the vagusnet stimulator is a current-controlled device. We advise against the use of standard TENS machine in the stimulation of the vagus nerve. To learn why, read our blog post on the subject.
Does this help relieve tinnitus?
Yes, there is some early data showing that tVNS can reduce the severity of tinnitus.
How long should I use tVNS for?
We recommend you stimulate for at least 15 minutes per day.
What does tVNS feel like?
It feels like a little tingle on your ear. Some people say it is like a tickle, some like a peck.
I can't feel anything?
When using the device with the supplied conductive paste, you may feel very little or nothing at all from the stimulation. This is perfectly normal.
Frequency of use - can I use more than 15 minutes per day?
Is tVNS Painful?
No, tVNS does not have to be painful. You are in control of the stimulation level and should set it to a comfortable level.
Can I Wear a Hearing Aid When Using tVNS
You should remove your hearing aid before using tVNS. If you have an implanted hearing device then you should not use tVNS.
Does the tVNS Stimulator Require a Prescription to Purchase?
No, a prescription is not required to purchase the tVNS Stimulator. The tVNS is designed to rebalance your health and wellness and is not designed for the treatment of any particular illness or disease.
What are the known side-effects of tVNS?
Reported side-effects are minimal and include skin irritation or redness under the electrode.
How do I recharge the stimulator?
Use the included USB charging cable connected to any USB power socket.
Where is the Vagus Nerve Stimulated?
Tthe easiest location to stimulate the Vagus Nerve happens to be in the ear.  Specifically the tragus of the left ear.
Can tVNS Help with Migraines?
Yes. possibly, but actual results may be dependent on the individual and may vary.
What is Vagus Nerve Stimulation Used For?
Vagus Nerve Stimulation has been used to treat epilepsy and depression with implanted stimulators.
How does tVNS work?
tVNS works by passing a small electrical micro-current through a part of the ear so that it activates the Vagus nerve.
How long should I stimulate for?
We recommend 15 mins per day. This follows some of the latest research that aims for the ideal balance between time commitment and efficacy.However, many studies have shown that longer periods of stimulation (45 mins) can in some circumstances be more beneficial to some people. If you feel you may benefit from longer daily stimulation, the simulator can be used in multiple consecutive sessions.
Will the App work with my existing tVNS Stimulator?
If you purchased it since August '21 then probably yes. Turn your device on and look at the little letter above the Man in the Box icon. If it is "h" or higher your device is compatible.
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